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Post  Ninja1005535 on Fri May 25, 2012 4:59 pm

Excellent app and yes this is an Australian server!
You should now have build rights when connecting to Cobblecreek, hope to see you on soon.

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Whitelist aplication - Mondotrasho

Post  Mondotrasho on Fri May 25, 2012 3:53 pm

1. Mondotrasho

2. Yup i read them

3. Write (a good paragraph) how you would help build Cobble Creek, add to its community and grow its economy.

I have been playing minecraft since way before the official release and during that time i have played approximately 10 servers i know that that sounds like a small number but its because i am not much of a server surfer the last server i played on which i will not say the name of for server advertising reasons i played for over a year. i recently discovered how much better it is to play n Australian servers ( my friends were amazed i could cope with american servers etc ) and so i have found this which i am under the impression is hosted in aus?? any way i am a resonably good builder but prefer pixel art to buildings and i can do the odd redstone build invisible stairs expanding rooms etc i love the social aspect of servers and have aims of one day being a moderator on a server ( not necisarily this server so no pressure XD ) i love the whole helping other people do things thin like teaming up or explaining stuff woah i wrote a fair bit better stop there



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