Curse dem griefers and there fancy clients!

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Curse dem griefers and there fancy clients!

Post  Misfitkid50 on Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:52 pm

Recently there have been alot of bans and I've checked the forums alot of requests for bans. And seriously its as if the whole server is out to get eachother banned im mean serious you guys your all nice happy people outside the server but once your on the internet your at eachothers throats. And remember your actions can have far reaching consequences Example: You grief someones house that they have put alot of time and effort into and outside of MC they hate you for it. Although its best just to forgive and forget but these days people tend to over react so yeah just don't do it altough at the time is fun and your laughing your head off but just remember Cause and effect guys. So lets all just be cool Cool and not grief ok?
And your just gonna ignore this arn't you Neutral .

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