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Server Rules

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:12 am

1. Be fair, honest, ethical, courteous, patient and use common sense.

2. No name calling, swearing, harassment (including: sexist, racial, homophobic comments) or any other offensive comments. You risk being kick/ban/blacklisted if engaging in these activities. This is a safe and friendly server (with exception of Mobs and a little PvP). Players may be from many different backgrounds and may be greatly insulted by particular comments, and it is highly likely many players are children. In Australia and many other jurisdictions, it is illegal to engage in such actions. Cobble Creek logs conversations, and will turn logged conversations to the Police or other authorities in serious circumstances. If you feel you cannot STRICTLY follow this rule, Cobble Creek is NOT for you - kindly go elsewhere. If in doubt, follow Rule 1.

3. No game mods! At all! Hacking, spawning items (including exploits and duping), flying, god mode, edit tools, permissions editors, money cheats etc. are not allowed. If found with these, you will be kick/ban/blacklisted with no appeals. If in doubt, follow Rule 1.

4. No griefing! Griefing is the vandalism and destruction of landscapes or buildings by destroying blocks or filling with blocks. Building: ridiculous, bland, or ugly buildings is highly discourage, as is defiling natural landscapes. Underground mining is preferred to open cut. OFFENSIVE STRUCTURES are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! If in doubt, follow Rule 1.

5. PvP (player versus player) is allowed, but be reasonable! Continued targeting of a particular player is strongly discouraged (unless you have a verbal agreement with each other that you will be taking each other on). If in doubt, follow Rule 1.

6. Read all instruction topics in this forum, and pay attention to all signs in the server. NPCs (non-playing characters) often have useful information.

7. Follow all instructions given by Moderators (both in the server and in this forum). Moderators act in the interests of the server and the Cobble Creek community.

8. Do NOT hassle Moderators to speed up tasks that you have requested (such as: whitelisting, land transfers, arbitration decisions). You will NOT get what you want by being impatient! When in doubt, follow Rule 1.

9. Be a community member, building Cobble Creek and expanding its horizons and economy.

10. Have fun Very Happy

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